What is the Data Integration Workflow?

Data integration allows you to share a specific version of a model coordinated in BIM 360 Glue with Field projects so that team members using Field can update the model with data that may include installation status, commissioning information, and more. With the BIM 360 add-ins, any Field equipment properties added to shared models can be synced back to the original RVT model in Revit or appended for viewing in Navisworks.

  1. With the BIM 360 add-ins, models from applications such as Autodesk Navisworks, Revit or AutoCad are shared with BIM 360 Glue.
  2. In BIM 360 Glue, a Glue administrator creates equipment sets for the BIM model.
  3. In BIM 360 Glue, a Glue administrator shares the model with BIM 360 Field.
  4. In BIM 360 Field, a Field administrator adds the model that has been shared from BIM 360 Glue to a Field project.
  5. In BIM 360 Field, the Field administrator associates the Equipment Sets (created from model objects) with Field Equipment properties.
  6. In BIM 360 Field, Field Equipment properties can be added to the model. These properties can be viewed in Glue in the model’s properties.
  7. With the BIM 360 Field mobile app, team members can update equipment records for the model in the field.
  8. In Revit, with the BIM 360 add-in, a team member can sync Field properties back to the original Revit model that was shared with Glue and integrated with Field.
  9. In Navisworks, a model that was shared with Glue and integrated with Field can be appended from Glue. Then in Navisworks, team members can view the Field properties that were added to the model and synced with Glue.

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